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We are the event agency PIKI, and together
we are writing stories.

More about our company

We are your reliable partner for corporate events, festivals, and picnics full of unforgettable experiences. With our know-how, professional approach, rich experience, and creativity, we create traditional events as well as those connecting nature and fun. From corporate parties, unconventional picnics, to large festivals full of stories and unforgettable moments. Your vision is our priority, and we are here to write a new story together with you that you won't forget.

Our primary and biggest vision is to provide services under the brand PIKI event that truly matter to us. The goal is to establish long-term partnerships with clients and ideally come recommended to other potential clients. We are capable of offering ideas, experiences, logistics, catering, and other services tailored to your individual needs.


We are preparing fantastic picnics, eventful activities, and other accompanying services.

An integral part of the services we provide is a delightful, fresh, and honest culinary experience.

With passion and creativity, we prepare catering dishes from around the world, using only top-notch ingredients and emphasizing the authenticity of recipes. Our menu is filled with flavors, exquisite aromas, and colors, drawing inspiration from various culinary traditions across all continents. Whether you desire an exceptional banquet, a beloved barbecue, or something more intimate, we meticulously and expertly craft dishes for any occasion. We prioritize quality and details, collaborating solely with trusted suppliers, and adhering to the highest hygiene standards.
Our professional team will handle the catering service from "A to Z," making it even more relaxing, worry-free, and above all, unforgettable for you. Anticipate a unique culinary experience that precisely aligns with your desires. Enjoy delicious, fresh, and honest food that will delight your taste buds and elevate your event to even greater perfection.

Picnics perfectly blend people and nature.

On a blanket in the city park, you can savor a glass of refreshing Prosecco or wine along with street food, all while enjoying the fresh air. A picnic with friends, family, or simply romantically as a couple, will help you forget the worries of everyday life.
Children can have fun with outdoor games while adults get the chance to relax. A picnic is a moment of rest, recharging energy, or an opportunity to make new friends. Together with us, you can write more stories that you'll never forget.

PIKI specializes in corporate events and parties.

We orient ourselves in the market, stay updated on new trends, which is crucial for creating unforgettable and perfect experiences. We bring that right "wow" effect. Our creativity and professional approach ensure that your event will be great and successful. Naturally, we have a complete understanding of the market, and in conjunction with that, we can offer you innovative concepts and original ideas. We fully adapt to your needs.
Contact us, and together we will create your unforgettable corporate event. With our professional team, you will have a perfectly organized event that will be talked about for a long time to come. Trust us that, with our team, we will help you arrange a fantastic corporate event or party. With us, you will save time and therefore financial resources. We will handle all the organization details with care, from venues and catering to programs and technical support.

Exklusivní degustace prosecca a to přímo ve vaší firmě.

Degustace je ideálním zpestřením odpoledne u vás. Je to také nenáročný způsob poděkování kolegům např. po dokončení náročného projektu anebo prostě jen tak. Během degustace ochutnáte vybraná prosecca z vinařství, především však z oblasti Valdobbiadene. Sommeliér vám poskytne nejen lahodnou ochutnávku, ale také zajímavé informace o výrobě prosecca a zároveň vás nechá nahlédnout do duše temperamentního národa z Apeninského poloostrova.
K této exklusivní degustaci nabízíme skvělý catering a společně s prosecco můžete tak ochutnat i typické italské antipasti, oblíbené předkrmy, které připravujeme pouze z originálních a kvalitních italských surovin. Vyvážená chuť, dokonalá vůně a to včetně sýrů, šunky, salámů, salátů, oliv a typické zeleniny. Prostě a jednoduše cítíte nádech jihu!
As an agency specializing in entertainment, with extensive experience in organizing larger festival events, we offer a range of artists for your events. From young talents to big showbiz stars, they will add a brilliant touch to your event with stunning musical performances or unforgettable dance shows. Additionally, our standard and integral part of our services is the provision of professional lighting and sound systems, ensuring a perfect visual and auditory backdrop for your event.
There are also additional performances available, such as a professional magician. We can create a thematic casino with an authentic atmosphere and much more. Give us the opportunity to provide you with a complete entertainment program that will surprise and delight all attendees. We are here to enliven your event with unforgettable live music, including DJs, dance performances, magic tricks, and other elements of an entertaining program.

Why choose us?

1. Professional services and impressive results.
PIKI specializes in precise event planning and organization, ensuring a professional and impressive outcome for the entire event.
2. We are known for our creativity.
We are renowned for our creativity and ability to bring innovative ideas that will captivate your event's guests and clients.
3. Portfolio and partners
We have established a reliable portfolio of partners who provide quality services, including large-scale catering, decorations, and technical equipment.
4. Projekt management
Equally important is our project management capability, ensuring proper planning and coordination of the entire event.
5. Your time is precious.
Thanks to our agency, you can save time and effort, as we will take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on your business.

What do people say about us?

Viktor Dyk & Radka Prchlíková

"We let our taste buds sparkle and our emotions warm up, with the help of the finest Italian sparkling wines, during a 'Piknik' party together with my dear half. At each 'Piknik' party, you experience magical moments when spent with great people, ideally your loved ones. So, we highly recommend this garden event, where you'll be served by pleasant and knowledgeable people, and what you choose will depend solely on you! With enthusiasm, join the 'Piknik' crew, who are also looking forward to you! Let your everyday worries pleasantly bubble away and come enjoy extraordinary experiences at the nearest 'Prosecco-Piknik'!"
We ❤️ Prosecco 🥂

— Viktor Dyk & Radka Prchlíková —

Quality comes with our services.

Prosecco D.O.C.G.

The majority of the offered Prosecco is of D.O.C.G. quality. This is the highest level of control within the Italian wine certification system. These sparkling wines are characterized by their high and excellent quality.

We care about the world

We care about where we live, and that's why we actively engage in environmental protection. We use recyclable materials and sort waste to minimize our ecological footprint.

High-quality supplementary services

Within our catering, our partners and suppliers focus on quality ingredients and original recipes. The dishes prepared with precision and care reflect excellent quality and originality.

Bringing people together and integration.

A picnic is a wonderful opportunity to bring together and integrate different nations. Through shared activities with other communities, you can gain new friendships and insights into local cuisine and culture.
Proin fringilla augue at maximus vestibulum Terms & Conditions.


We are open to new projects and potential collaboration.

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